How to File RTI in Govt. Degree College, Chebrolu

Steps of filing RTI Online in Govt. Degree College, Chebrolu

RTI Application Form for Govt. Degree College, Chebrolu ,andhra pradesh
  • Write a formal application may be typed or neatly hand-written , wherein mention atop " Application under RTI act 2005".
  • You can write RTI application in English, Hindi or the official language of the area.Address the application to " APIO ".
  • Write the name of the office from which you seek information, and the complete, correct address as " Guntur , Andhra Pradesh ".
  • State your request in the form of specific, detailed questions. Ask for documents or extracts of documents, if required. To obtain documents, the applicant has to make a payment of Rs. 2 per page.
  • Attach Government RTI Fee in the form of IPO/DD/MO etc as applicable with the RTI Application. Pay fee to " Account Officer or Principal ".
  • Provide your full name and address, contact details, email address and sign the application clearly. Put in the date and the name of your town.
  • Take a photocopy for your future references.At the end of the application make a declaration that you are an indian citizen.
  • The law mandates that information be provided within 30 days. If this does not happen, you can file an appeal. The first appeal should be addressed to " The Appellate Authority " with the name of the department and the address. The appellate authority is mandated to revert in 45 days from the date of receipt of the appeal. If the Appellate authority refuses/fails to reply, further appeals lie with the Information Commission, the Chief Information Commissioner, State/Central Information Commission.

Address Of Govt. Degree College, Chebrolu

It is necessary to send RTI to the right address. Addres to send RTI application of Govt. Degree College, Chebrolu is given below ...

Guntur , Andhra Pradesh

Public Information Officer( PIO ) name Of Govt. Degree College, Chebrolu

It is mandatory to send RTI to the right PIO. PIO of Govt. Degree College, Chebrolu is given below ...


RTI Application's Fee Pay To Of Govt. Degree College, Chebrolu

To whom RTI fees should be paid is game deciding factor of RTI application. You have to pay RTI fee by DD/IPO/Cash to the correct person. Pay RTI of Govt. Degree College, Chebrolu to ...


RTI in andhra pradesh ?

Andhra Pradesh is one of the states of union of india. In this state of Andhra Pradesh there are numerous issues that media is hiding and people are eager to know them. Health sanitation problems, Road and transport issues. Despite government's assurances and efforts electricity outages is a common issue here. State transport service is average. Road connectivity of rural areas to urban areas is yet to be accomplished. Government RTI fee in Andhra Pradesh is just rs 10, by way of cash against proper receipt/ipo/ dd/ (court fee stamp), payable to the pio or the officer so appointed by the govt. To collect RTI fees. Time limits for RTI application and first appeal is 30 days from the date of receipt of RTI application in the concerned office. In some cases it is 45 days if the pio has taken help of other officials. In case no reply is received within 30 days from the date of filing RTI, one can go for first appeal, before the official higher in rank of the pio concerned. In case no reply/decision is given by the first appellate authority on can approach information commission of Andhra Pradesh with second appeal. RTI rule for Andhra Pradesh is given below.

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