Frequently Asked Questions

What is RTI ?

RTI stands For Right To Information... It is a Fundamental Right of Indian citizens to seek information from govt. offices, departments, ministries, and all the organizations run by the Govt. of India, or any other organization substantially aided by the, Govt of India or any other state Govt .

How to file an RTI ?

To file an RTI you just need to write an application on a blank plain paper in normal way addressed to the P.I.O of the concerned office.You can file your RTI here on our website by just filling up a form where you will have to furnish your Name and address.

What types of information can be taken ?

Information related to financial affairs of a particular organization and any other works performed, funded by the Govt. of India or any other state govt.Information related to clearance certificate on environmental clearance for private companies' projects can also be taken as to why there is delays in issuing clearance certificates, and or why if so rejected...Information can be taken in any form i.e It may be in digital form (In CDs DVDs etc) or hard copy in printed form.Even materials related to constructions and real estates can also be taken as Information under the RTI Act 2005.

What is the maximum time limit prescribed in the RTI Act within which an organization must supply the information to the applicant ?

It is 30 days from the date of receipt of RTI application in the office concerned.

What if the P.I.O. (Public Information Officer) delays or refuses to give information ?

First appeal can be preferred after the expiry of 30 days from the date of receipt of application in the office concerned.

Who can seek information ?

Anybody can seek information from any govt. organization across the Indian territory. And it is not necessary that the applicant who is seeking information should be, of the same state or Union territory, from where the information is sought.

I had applied for my passport 6 months ago and police verification was conducted, but now i am still waiting for my passport to be issued to me... if i approach passport office they are not giving me proper response. what should i do ?

Dear friend please be patient and just file an RTI in the office of your concerned R.P.O. (Regional Passport Office) they will provide you the right information as why your passport had been stuck in the Passport office.

There is a govt. school in my locality and scholarships are given to students by the govt. but school administration are eating up children's funds of scholarship what can I do ?

You just need to file an RTI and ask them the proof of distribution of Scholarship to students of your school. how much was disbursed among the students and how much did they get from the govt.

There is an open sewer line in my locality and MCD officials are not taking care of it. It is very dangerous and has become an accident prone area. we have lodged so many complaints in this regard but nobody is taking care of it. What should I do?

All you need is to lodge a complain with the concerned MCD office and tell them about your problems and then you file an RTI with the concerned MCD office and ask them what action they have taken so far to this effect.

I had applied for Adhaar Card one year ago, but till now i have not got my Adhaar Card.My Adhar card is also not showing any status on internet, what should I do?

Dear Sir, You need to file an RTI in this regard to the UIDA.They will tell you the reason for non issuance of your Adhaar Card.

I had lodged an FIR in my police station but till now no action has been taken by the Police.What should I do?

Dear Sir, please file an RTI application to the concerned PIO and refer him about your FIR no and date.Ask him the action taken report of your RTI. I hope this will solve your problem.

There is a school in my area where Mid day Meal programme is not going on properly.Poor quality food is served to the students, and school principal in connivance with other teachers also eat up the Scholarship money of Students.What should i do? How to reign in that problem ?

Dear Sir, please file an RTI application addressed to the principal of the school, ask him the details of Mid day Meal, daily average attendance of students/children.For scholarship money, ask them how much money they are demanding from the government and how much they receive, and how much money is distributed among children of your school.Also ask them the amount that is refunded back to the government after distribution among children. I hope this will really help you in getting this problem solved.

I am in BPL category and i had applied for Indira Awas scheme of the government but I was not given Indira Awas, and my application was rejected without any reason.What can I do?

You go to the BDO office of your concerned block and write an RTI application addressed to the BDO, ask him the Indira Awas awardees of the current financial year.Also ask him the rejection list for the same, and ground for rejection of applications in written.

RTI Application Form For All Departments and Organizations

Personal Details
RTI Details
Fee Submission
  • Your RTI Reference Number is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Please notedown your RTI Referance Number for future communication.
  • Pay RTI Fee Rs. xxx now to get Information soon.
  • If you are asking for photocopy of any documents through rti, then you will have to make additional payment as applicable.
  • Make payment using UPI and send screenshot and Reference number on our WhatsApp number 7838597250 .

    You can send payment directly to UPI Id infoonline@indianbk