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What is RTI ? Right to Information (RTI) is an act of the Parliament of India to provide for setting out the practical regime of the right to information for citizens to secure access to information under the control of public authorities, and to promote transparency and accountability in the working of any public authority. What rights are available under RTI Act 2005? Right to Information Act 2005 empowers every citizen to Ask any questions from the Government or seek any information , Take copies of any government documents , Inspect any government documents, Inspect any Government works. Are Private bodies covered under the RTI Act ? All private bodies, which are owned, controlled or substantially financed by the Government are directly covered. Others are indirectly covered. That is, if a government department can access information from any private body under any other Act, the same can be accessed by the citizen under the RTI Act through that government department.

File RTI Online Queries

Is this a private organization ? File RTI Online is a privately owned website providing a platform to the citizens of India in exercising their Right to Information online. How does File RTI Online work ? You fill RTI Application form on this website and pay the fees via payment gateway, one of our expert will draft the application as per RTI rules and file the application on your behalf. You will get the information by post from the concerned public authority within 30 days*. Does File RTI Online act as an anonymous RTI activist ? We do not provide anonymous RTI filing. Can you guarantee I will receive my information ? We are providing RTI drafting services. We can't guarantee that you will definitely get information/ response from the public authorities, But we make sure that your application is meticulously drafted and sent to correct authorities.

Know Your Dashboard

Data Provided by User

On dashboard in personal details section you can see applicant personal details such as name , father's name , mobile , email and address.

On dashboard in RTI details section you can see RTI details such as Ref Id , application type , RTI address , RTI query .

In user signature section you have to upload your signature. In document Upload section you can upload your documents necessary for your RTI such as marksheet , Land paper , certfificate , Id etc.

In edit your application section you will be able to edit your RTI application if not drafted by our expert.

Data uploaded by File RTI Online

In " Your RTI Status " section you will get the latest status of your RTI application.

In " RTI Details " section you will see RTI ref id , tracking id and RTI application type.

In download corner you will get your RTI application sent by us to the PIO/SPIO/CPIO , Postal receipt , your uploaded documents.

In " first appeal" section you will get list of your all first appeals filed by you.

In second appeal section you will get list of your all second appeals filed by you.

Data Privacy And Login Queries

Data Privacy

Should I be concerned about the confidentiality of my personal details shared with File RTI Online ? To prevent unauthorized access, we follow strict security procedures in the storage and disclosure of information. We do not trade or sell your personal information to anyone. Why do you need mobile number in RTI application ? We send RTI Ref Id , RTI Status , Tracking Details and reminders on your mobile number. What is the requirement of my signature in RTI ? It is a common sense that any document without a signature gets void or illegal or holds no value in the eyes of law. Thus, the signature in any form is mandatory for any legal document or any complaint or application you are filing.

Login Queries

Do I have to register/login to apply ? For RTI application you don't need to login or regsiter, just fill the RTI application form. For First and second appeal you need to login and visit dashboard. On dashboard you will get an option for appeal. How do I login ? Just click on login button and enter your email id and RTI reference id to login. I have forgotten my RTI reference id , what to do ? On login popup just click on " Get my RTI Reference id " button . On new page just enter your email id and Mobile number. You will get your RTI reference id via email and SMS.

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