After the separation of Odisha from Bihar and the creation of the new province of Odisha in April 1936, there was a strong desire among the leaders of the province for the establishment of a separate university in Odisha. Until 1936 all the colleges were under the jurisdiction of either Patna University or Andhra University.

Utkal University, also known as Vani Vihar is the oldest university in Odisha and the 17th-oldest university in India located in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It is a teaching-cum-affiliating university.The present campus at Vani Vihar located on a sprawling 399.9 acre area in the heart of Bhubaneswar. There are about 3000 students in the master’s departments in the university. This is the largest affiliating university in the country with 267 affiliated general colleges, 15 law colleges, 6 medical and pharmacy colleges.

At present the University has twenty-seven Post-Graduate teaching and research departments located with in the campus institution, viz. Directorate of Distance and Continuing Education, University Law College at Vani Vihar and M.S. Law College at Cuttack. The University is located in the middle of the city. 5 km from airport, 3 km from the station. Sainik school is to its north. Mancheswar industrial area is to its east.

In 2016 Utkal University adopted its theme song from “tunga sikhar chula”(1st 3 stanzas) poem of Godabarish Mishra one of its founder accredited NAAC A+ in 2016.

The campus is at the heart of Bhubaneswar city and right on NH-5. It is nearly 5 km from both the main railway station at Master Canteen and bus stand at Baramunda. All the Postgraduate departments and the law college are inside the campus.

The central library of the university is named “Parija Library” after the eminent botanical scientist Prana Krushna Parija. The Distance Education Center Of utkal university known as DDCE UTKAL UNIVERSITY which is very popular for quality distance education in the state of Odisha.IT offers Graduation courses like B.A in the subjects Odia, Political Science, Education, Sanskrit, Sociology, and English.

Right To Information Rules 2005 implemented in Utkal University

It is very simple to draft an RTI, you can draft it even plain paper but it will be better if RTI draft in well manner, you can draft it in Hindi or English as well as any official language.
Only Rupees 10 fees fixed for RTI in the form of Postal Order/ CRF or Bank draft. It should be in the favor of Accounts Officer of particular organization. You may send it by any mean like post, speed post etc, but not by courier.
The applicant may also be required to pay further fee towards the cost of Providing the information, details of which shall be intimated to the applicant by the PIO. As prescribed by the Right to Information Rules, 2012. Rates of fee as prescribed in.
The Rules are given below:
(I) rupees two (Rs. 2/-) for each page
(II) Actual cost or price of a photocopy in larger size paper
(II) Actual cost or price for samples or models
(IV) Rupees fifty (Rs.50/-) per diskette or floppy and
(V) Price fixed for a publication or rupees two per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication.
(VI) So much of postal charges involved in supply of information that exceeds fifty rupees.