The university was founded in 1970 as Bhopal University. It was renamed Barkatullah University in 1988. The university is a teaching and an affiliating institution. In 1974-75, the Institute of Open and Distance Education was established with the permission of UGC for distance education.

Barkatullah University (BU) is a university in Bhopal, India. Originally known as Bhopal University, it was renamed in 1988 after the great freedom fighter Prof. Barkatullah, who was born in the area. It is the main university of the capital city and provides degrees to most of the non-technical colleges in and around Bhopal. Funded by the state government, the university has a residential campus and serves as an affiliating university for colleges of seven other districts. The institution affiliates the colleges of Bhopal district and other neighbouring districts like Sehore, Vidisha, Raisen, Betul, Hoshangabad, Harda and Rajgarh. Barkatullah University has been accredited as a B category university by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council.

The campus of Barkatullah University covers 360 acres (1.5 km2). It is on the National Highway 12 which passes through Bhopal. It is a residential-type campus and, apart from the quarters for the vice-chancellor and the staff, there are four hostels for boys and a hostel for girls.

On the campus, there are buildings for departments such as the Institute of Physics and Electronics, Department of Pharmacy, University Institute of Technology, Management Institute, Department of Law, Psychology Department, etc. It houses an administrative building, a guest house, an auditorium and a playground.


Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Physical Education
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Life Sciences
Faculty of Management
Faculty of Physical Sciences
Faculty of Social Sciences
[Faculty of Engineering]
Institute of Open and Distance Learning

Right To Information Rules 2005 implemented in Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya.

It is very simple to draft an RTI, you can draft it even plain paper but it will be better if RTI draft in well manner, you can draft it in Hindi or English as well as any official language.

Only Rupees 10 fees fixed for RTI in the form of Postal Order/ CRF or Bank draft. It should be in the favor of Accounts Officer of particular organization. You may send it by any mean like post, speed post etc, but not by courier.

The applicant may also be required to pay further fee towards the cost of Providing the information, details of which shall be intimated to the applicant by the PIO. As prescribed by the Right to Information Rules, 2012. Rates of fee as prescribed in.

The Rules are given below:

(I) rupees two (Rs. 2/-) for each page

(II) Actual cost or price of a photocopy in larger size paper

(II) Actual cost or price for samples or models

(IV) Rupees fifty (Rs.50/-) per diskette or floppy and

(V) Price fixed for a publication or rupees two per page of photocopy for extracts from the publication.

(VI) So much of postal charges involved in supply of information that exceeds fifty rupees.