An occupancy certificate is issued by the local municipal authorities or by the building proposal department declaring that the construction of the building is in accordance with the approved plans. This certificate is given when a building is constructed and is ready to be occupied. The certificate implies that the building has proper civic infrastructures like water, sanitation and electricity.



At the time of purchase, you may forget to demand this important document. Completion Certificate is an important condition precedent for issuing Occupancy Certificate. If the construction is not completed in accordance with the building regulations and standards, the Authorities may decline Occupancy Certificate to the Builder. If the builder is reluctant to produce or supply this document on demand, you can obtain it from the Municipal authorities or the Development Agency by filing RTI Application .

How to file RTI application for occupancy certificate

The application may be typed or neatly hand-written , wherein mention atop ” application under RTI act 2005″. The application may preferably be in writing though an e-mail is accepted as a mode as per law.

  • Address it to the competent authority, (need not mention his/her name), simply address to the ” public information officer”.


  •  Application should be in a simple and easy language.Mention your question point wise, avoid asking vague questions, ask direct questions.Avoid using too technical terms or legal jargon.

Q1. Certified copy of the Occupancy Certificate issued by your public in respect of the housing scheme mentioned above.

  • Attach Government RTI Fee in the form of IPO/DD/MO etc as applicable with the RTI Application.