How To File RTI Complaints for goa?

Complaint to State Information Commission (SIC) under 18 (1) of the RTI Act 2005 for Goa state

RTI Act confers right to access to information held by a Public Authority on all Citizens. The Act also prescribes remedy, when such a right is denied to a citizen. When an applicant do not receive a decision on his RTI Request within 30 days or is aggrieved by the decision, applicant can prefer an Appeal under Section-19(1) and further appeal under section-19(3) before the Information Commission within time limit. In such an appeal, the applicant can seek relief to supply information by PIO.

When an applicant is denied access to information by various reasons specified in Section-18(1), as enumerated below, Applicant can file Complaint directly before the Information Commission.

Every Act or Law contains clause for protection of its provisions against non-compliance, and so does RTI Act, 2005. Section 18 of the RTI Act, 2005 assigns duty and power to the Goa State Information Commission (hereinafter referred as CIC or SIC-Goa), as the case may be, to protect the RTI Act against non-compliance by the Public Authority. We can say, CIC or SIC-Goa acts as Guardian of the RTI Act. In this article, I will explain when to file and how to file complaint under RTI Act.

Under the complaint proceedings, the Information Commission cannot direct PIO to supply information, but can only conduct an inquiry and impose penalty on PIO or recommend disciplinary action against PIO, for the reasons as enumerated under Sec-20.

When to file a Complaint Under RTI Act for goa ?

The RTI Act 2005, bestows, the Right to seek information from any public authority, to all the citizen of India.

If anyone is denied this right, or his/her application is rejected under this Act, or the public authorities have not appointed PIO (Public information Officer, that is required to be appointed in all government offices/departments, under this Act) or he/she is aggrieved by the decision of public authority under RTI Act, he ,may prefer to file a complaint against the decision, non-appointment of PIO and hence refusal of information.

Sometimes someone has filed a request for information and his application is accepted by the Public authority but no conclusive decision is arrived at within the stipulated time-frame of 30 (in case of PIO) and 35 (in case of request before APIO), the applicant may prefer to go for complaint under Section 18 (1) of the RTI Act 2005.

There may be a case where one’s application has been accepted but the PIO has asked for some unreasonable amount of fees for supplying information, in this case also a complaint is appropriate, to be filed.

Many times the PIOs refuse to provide information under RTI act citing irrelevant section of the RTI act, saying exemption clause, in this case, there maybe two scenarios, one is where full information comes under exemption Section 8, whilst in other scenario there may be a part of a record that can be made public without any harm, in this case partial disclosure is allowed, but generally Public authorities suppress information citing section 8 of the RTI Act, here a complaint will work on and partial disclosure may be allowed.

In case commission hears a complaint and if it finds that information was denied willfully by the Public information officer without any reasonable cause, the commission, be it SIC or CIC, may impose penalty on them under section 20 of the RTI Act.

Time Limits of RTI Complaints for goa ?

There is no time-limit for filing a complaint. One may file a complaint immediately after PIO or Public Authority’s failure to comply with a requirement of the RTI Act, without filing a First Appeal or as and when he wish but it is advisable to file the complaint within a reasonable time.

Grounds for submitting Complaint under Section 18 of the RTI Act, 2005 for goa ?

Before explaining how to file complaint for goa state under RTI Act, let me provide you grounds for complaint. You may file complaint under section 18 before SIC-goa, as the case may be, in following circumstances:

(a)You have been unable to submit RTI Application to the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer (hereinafter referred as CPIO or SPIO), as the case may be, because of any of below reasons:
(i) No CPIO or SPIO has been appointed under this Act by the Public Authority; or
(ii) CPIO or SPIO has refused to receive your Request for Information; or
(iii) Central Assistant Public Information Officer or State Assistant Public Information Officer (hereinafter referred as CAPIO or SAPIO), as the case may be, has refused to accept RTI Application for forwarding the same to the CPIO or SPIO, as the case may be.

(b) You have been unable to submit First Appeal under Section 19(1) or 19(2) to the First Appellate Authority (hereinafter referred as FAA) because of any of below reasons:
(i) No FAA has been appointed under this Act by the Public Authority; or
(ii) FAA has refused to receive your First Appeal; or
(iii) CAPIO or SAPIO, as the case may be, has refused to accept your First Appeal for forwarding the same to the FAA.

(c) You have been unable to submit Second Appeal under Section 19(3) to the CIC or SIC, as the case may be, because CAPIO or SAPIO has refused to accept your Second Appeal for forwarding the same to the CIC or SIC.

(d) CPIO or SPIO or FAA has malafidely rejected Request for Information or First Appeal, as the case may be;

(e) CPIO or SPIO or FAA has not provided reply to your RTI Application or First Appeal, as the case may be, within specified time under RTI Act;

(f) CPIO or SPIO has asked you to pay an amount of fees, which you consider unreasonable;

(g) CPIO or SPIO has provided incomplete, misleading or false information under this Act; (h) CPIO or SPIO or FAA has malafidely refused inspection of records of public authority or has not extended reasonable cooperation during inspection of records;

(i) CPIO or SPIO or FAA or any other person directly/indirectly intimidates or ill-treats or pressurizes you or restraints you from exercising your right under the RTI Act;

(j) CPIO or SPIO or FAA or Public Authority defy orders of CIC or SIC;

(k) Public Authority has not obliged to the provisions of Section 4 (proactive disclosures) of the RTI Act;

(l) Any other situation when you have been wrongly restrained/refused access to information for which you are entitled as per provisions of the RTI Act; and

(m) Any other violations of provisions of the RTI Act by CAPIO or SAPIO or CPIO or SPIO or FAA or Public Authority.

RTI Complaint Format for goa ?

Central/State Information Commissioner
Central/State Information Commission,

Sub: Application for Complaint u/s 18 for non adherence of the provisions of the 
Right to Information Act, 2005.

PIO or the Department against whom the complaint is being made:
Name (………..)
Designation: (………)
Department: (………..)

Dear Sir,

I had tried to file an RTI application with the above mentioned Department but failed because:
1. PIO has not been appointed in the department
2. PIO refused to accept my RTI application
3. No reply is received from PIO within time limit fixed by the act
4. I had sent the application by post but the department specifying the following reasons sent it back to me
5. PIO refused to accept the application fees
6. PIO/ staff misbehaved with me
7. Information has been wrongly and unjustifiably refused
I humbly request you to pass orders to the said department to accept/file my RTI application and taking 
action against the PIO/Department head impose a monetary fine.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Sample RTI issues in Goa, India

  • RTI for Industrial development issues : Industry Development Council answerable under the RTI Act
  • RTI for Passport verification issues : File an RTI application if you do not get your passport in time
  • RTI for MDM issues, corruption in Mid Day Meal : Now Mid-day Meal Scheme is under scrutiny of RTI Act
  • RTI to know the Cost of projects undertaken by the MLA and MP :You can get information on allocation of funds used by MLA/MP.
  • RTI for Water problems shortage and sewer problems : You can write application to local muncipaliity for water shortage
  • RTI for Health and sanitation : You can file RTI for Health and sanitation.

RTI in Districts of Goa,India

RTI Application Format For Goa,India

RTI Act, 2005 does not provide any specific Format for RTI Application . You can write RTI Application in any Format. However, if you do not know how to write RTI Application just click on Apply now button and Fill the RTI Application form. We will file your RTI for Goa.

For your convenient, We are providing simple sample RTI Application format . Just draft your application as per format and attach IPO or DD as per requirement and send it to the concern PIO. If still you face difficulty in drafting RTI application then take our service of RTI . Just click on "Apply Now" button and Fill the RTI Application form. We will file your RTI for Goa.

Date: 18-Aug-2017
The Public Information Officer
(Name of the Public Authority)
(Address of the Public Authority)

Sir / Madam:

Sub: Request for Information under the Right to Information Act, 2005
[if applicable] Kindly, provide me the following information:…………. (Mention the
information you want as specifically and clearly as possible and the period of time to which
the information pertains)

[if applicable] I request for receipt of the information in the following format(s) – true copy /
print out / diskette / floppy / tape / video cassettes / certified copies of documents or records
– in person / by post / by e-Mail.
[if applicable] I would like to inspect the following works / documents / records / take notes /
extracts….. (Mention clearly and specifically what is wanted for inspection). Kindly inform
me the date and time for my visit.
[if applicable] Kindly, provide me certified samples of material (Mention specifically and
clearly the material). I request for receipt of the certified samples (Describe) ………...
The details of fees paid by me are as follows (Specify)….….. /I belong to the 
‘Below Poverty Line Category’ [if applicable, attach a photocopy of the proof] 
and I am not required to pay any fees.

(Applicant’s signature/Thumb Impression)
Applicant’s Name:
Applicant’s Address:
Applicant’s Phone Number/e-Mail Address (optional):

RTI Form in Hindi For Goa,India

हिंदी में आरटीआई आवेदन पत्र

आरटीआई अधिनियम 2005, आरटीआई आवेदन के लिए कोई विशिष्ट प्रारूप नहीं है। आप आरटीआई आवेदन किसी भी प्रारूप में लिख सकते हैं। अगर आपको नहीं पता कि आरटीआई आवेदन कैसे लिखना है तो बस "Apply Now" बटन पर क्लिक करें और आरटीआई आवेदन पत्र भरें। हम आपके आरटीआई आवेदन फॉर्म तैयार करेंगे

सेवा में,
जनसूचना अधिकारी क्षेत्रिय कार्यालय...........................................................

1) आवेदक का नाम:-

2) पत्राचार पताः-

3) मागीं गई सूचना की विवरण:-

आपके कार्यालय के द्वारा किसी पासपोर्ट के आवेदन जमा कराने के बाद जितने दिन में पासपोर्ट बनाने का निधार्रित किया गया है 
उसकी जनसूचना की प्रमाणित प्रति जिस कानूनी की जिस धारा के अर्न्तगत मेरी फाईल न॰ GZB-Z160628-06 , 
आवेदन तिथि 19.06.2006, का पासपोर्ट न बनाया गया उसकी जनसूचना की प्रमाणित प्रति। जिस अधिकारी की लापरवाही के कारण मेरा 
पासपोर्ट आजतक नही बन पाया उस अधिकारी का नाम पद नाम और पत्राचार के पते की जनसूचना की प्रमाणित प्रति
उस अधिकारी को विभाग द्वारा मिलने वाले अनुशानिक व कानूनी दण्ड की जनसूचना की प्रमाणित प्रति।
4) अवधि जिससे सूचना सम्बन्धित है: 2006-2011

5) क्या सूचना व्यक्तिगत रूप से लेनी है: नही।

6) क्या सूचना डाक द्वारा मंगानी है: हां।

7) क्या डाक प्रभार अतिरिक्त फीस में शामिल होगें: नियमानुसार।

8) डाक की दशा में सामान्य डाक/रजिस्ट्रड /स्पीड पोस्ट: तीव्र डाक सेवा।

जनसूचना पाने की फीस भारतीय पोस्ट आर्डर न॰ रूपये अनुरोधपत्र के साथ संलग्न है।



आवेदक के हस्ताक्षर

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