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Hell sir/mam

I requested to the company name is herbenolifecare distributor and partnership my job provide scheme to the job ke liye 15000/- transfer account number is herbenolifecare Alok Sharma sir (BDM) Indore.

Aur company ne money ko refund bhi karne ko Kha lekin nahi kiya aur maine bhi company ko usaka product dene ko Kha lekin Kuch nahi hua aur main gya bhi Nahi sir.

Asangathit majdoor Cardon per m.p bijli bibhag ne unke bill maaf kyon kardiye jinke majdoor card nahin bane hain ? humaare Naam se Asangathit majdoor card hai Lekin bijli ka koi canection nahin hai bhir bill maaf kaese ho Gaya?

monuagrawal posted Oct 10 '18 at 1:09 pm
i have reference id is 18101002mad8962440235 i want to know status, so how cant i check it

My sister tops in MP in GNM training from hamidia bhopal but she didn't get her posting in desirable place due to online computerized fault and she tried from one month to change her posting but there is no opportunity to improve the mistake. So, at last she became hopeless and compromised herself with the situation due to our slow and helpless system which seems in nursing and family welfare dep
As we all know what has happened in our Madhya Pradesh with regards to VYAPAM.
I need some information about the casualties that have taken place since its probe was ordered by the MP Govt, to be conducted by the CBI...
Can anyone let me know if it is possible to get this information at this stage, when already CBI probe is going on.
I just need to know that how many people, journos and
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