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One of the essential things that lead students to enjoy better career is education. Education is an essential thing for the students to advance in their professional career. None of the people can find success in their life if they lack education. Advanced education has become a necessity for people to become successful in their life these days. We live in a world where technology has developed i
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karan posted Dec 3 at 5:44 am
My property was redeveloped under SRA project. Its a commercial property. We were told by builder that for 10 years we will not have to pay property tax. So we assume that either builder or SRA has paid the property tax on our behalf. We need receipts of the same as we intend to give the commercial property on rent and leasee intends to open a medical shop. To get the license for sale of pharma p
kishore posted Nov 7 at 4:19 am
greatest duty change has occurred by the presentation of GST. With the possibility of 'One Nation One Tax,' the expense is warmly invited by the dominant part. An improved procedure presented teaming up all the data of the merchants or purchasers of products and enterprises. The GSTN (merchandise and administration assess organize) framework where all the data with respect to solicitations, offer
GST was one of the largest tax reforms in India. Instead of paying taxes instead of being too complicated, 123GST.COM was introduced to get these various direct and indirect taxes.All information about GSTN (Goods and Service Tax Network) Organization, Item, Sale, Purchase, Location and Date is set up by the GSTC and the Ministry of Finance.

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Sanjana posted Oct 12 at 7:58 am
Whether you are looking at buying a car or property, investing in the stock market or converting your Indian rupess to foreign currency, there is one thing that you will need for each of these activities. What could possibly link these, you might ask. The answer is the PAN card. The permanent Account Number (PAN) Card, issued by the Income Tax Department, is one of the most important documents n
monuagrawal posted Oct 10 at 1:09 pm
i have reference id is 18101002mad8962440235 i want to know status, so how cant i check it

Mangai posted Oct 10 at 9:39 am
The PAN number is unique to each cardholders and help to identify the income tax payer. It is required for individuals, partnership, companies. It also serves as an identity proof number of purposes. Any corporate body doing business in India whether it is registered in India or abroad. It is also required for anybody who is involved in generating m
The impact of GST on agriculture sector to be positive. It is probable that GST resolve the issue of transportation. GST provide India with its first National Market for the agricultural goods. There are lot of clarifications which need to be provided for rates for agricultural products. GST essential to improve the transparency, reliability, time line supply chain mechanism to ensure a reduction
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PAN card making utilization of is clear for all gatherings in on-line. The PAN card is taken 15 to twenty days for got for the candidate. In some reason various playing cards are pending to achieve the area for the candidates. The expense expert individual must affirm the every required record and follow the dynamic procedure for looking the documents. Copy PAN Card apply online Permanent record
Mangai posted Sep 26 at 8:23 am
PAN application due to discrepancy in application form or documents can arise for online as well as for the offline application. The basic rejection for any application from few reasons. PAN application may get rejected and points which one should be careful of filling the PAN application. The application form that includes personal details such as name, age, gender, date of birth, address etc. T
ram27234 posted Sep 17 at 8:07 am
dear sir,
I filed RTI against KDA UP in Jul 18 through your portal but till date no reply recieved. please advise in detail that i should go for first apeal or complaint.
second your given contact number on site either always switch off or not reachable. so it is very difficult to get help whenever required. people pay extra money for convinience not for getting into
Satish147 posted Sep 15 at 7:36 am
The GST Council in its 23rd meeting at Gujarati released several new compliance and return filling procedures. To help clarify some of these new compliance procedures, let's look at various GST returns and the forms that will facilitate filling them. Businesses need to be careful to file correctly. This especially important right now because there have been several
Pan card is essentially asked for two reasons. One, for photo & DOB identity as part of KYC. The other is to deduct tax on interest which Bank pays you. If you don’t have a pan card, you may provide other identification proof like aadhar card, etc. To meet your kyc norms. If it IS the case for TDS, you may post shape 60 in case your taxable earnings are underneath simple exemption limit
Ganiwye posted Sep 5 at 5:11 am
Good and services taxes are call as indirect tax. The production process and different types of stages are includes some amount of tax. The collection of used for making some of development for the country economic. The implementation of new policies and expected promotional shapes are available here. The selected and several statements are provide for the GST registration. HSN is given for the a
My sister tops in MP in GNM training from hamidia bhopal but she didn't get her posting in desirable place due to online computerized fault and she tried from one month to change her posting but there is no opportunity to improve the mistake. So, at last she became hopeless and compromised herself with the situation due to our slow and helpless system which seems in nursing and family welfare dep
jacob posted Jul 31 at 6:57 am
I am small farmer(with land of 1.95 acre) in Urigam Village 635102 and applied for drip pipes They refused to give
VIllage officer a(VO)sked a free of Rs 2000/ I paid Rs 1000/ balance after receipt

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