Are you having issues with your EPF withdrawal or transfer? Are you not getting any information or updates on the status until you visit the EPFO office yourself ?

Here is solution for it. You can file a right to information and get information in 30 days.


File RTI Online History
File RTI Online History

Many people say that after, they have raised queries through RTI applications, the process of either getting updates were quicker, or even the processing their withdrawals or transfers will completed rather quickly. If you need to speed up the process to find out your EPF withdrawal or transfer status and get the work done, you can try this too. Following the right process and filing the duly filled form will need to be submitted.

How To File Right To Information (RTI) For EPFO Status Enquiry?

The right of every individual to get relevant information from any government office is called the Right to Information or RTI. In a matter of 30 days, you will receive a response from the government about your query. The Right to Information also has the information an individual may require from the EPFO as well, making it compulsory for even the EPFO to respond to the RTI application, and provide the individual with the information they require. 

As EPFO also come under RTI horizon, so you can file RTI application to get any details about your EPF and you will get your desired data within 30 days from the date of receipt of application. So if are struggling a lot to get the status of your EPF transfer or EPF withdrawal then you should file an RTI application and mention all your queries and you will get accurate details around your query with in 30 days.

EPFO has an EPF Grievance Redressal Cell which take care of your grievances. So it is always better to launch your complaint with EPFO before filing RTI.

RTI application for transfer involves two EPF offices, so in case to check the status of your EPF transfer you may have to file two RTI applications one at the source office and other at the target office. For example – if you have changed your job from Hyderabad to Delhi, then you first have to file an RTI application to your source EPF office i.e Hyderabad to know the status of your EPF transfer, if you find your application has been accepted and processed there then you need to file another RTI at your target office i.e Delhi to know the status of your transfer. While filing second RTI you must mention the response you got from your first RTI.

Online RTI Filing Services 

We provide RTI filing services across India . Just fill our RTI application form . Our RTI expert will draft your RTI application and send it to the concern public information officer PIO.

If you want to file RTI for EPFO Status Enquiry yourself then follow these steps 

  • Buy postal order – Visit a post office and buy a post order or money order of Rs 10 which is an application deposit fee.The postal order should be issued in the name of concerned EPFO Office. For example, for EPFO Gurgaon, the postal order should be in favour of EPFO Gurgaon.

  • Draft your letter – There is no specified format. One can write on plain paper. However, the name and contact details are mandatory. The letter should be addressed

       To: Central Public Information Officer (CPIO), 

       Office of Provident Fund Commissioner, 

       Employees Provident Fund Organisation (Mention Concerned PF office address).
  • Content Of Application

Mention your Name, PF Account Number, Full Address, Contact Number and your Email id.
Better to write your queries in bullet points and see to it that they are precise.
The letter should have a declaration -“I do hereby declare that I am a citizen of India. I request you to ensure that the information is provided before the expiry of the 30 day period after you have received the application”
Make sure you mention the proof of payment of fees as such as “Attached Indian Postal Order for Rs. 10 /- dated dd/mm/yyyy favoring “Accounts Officer of EPFO” as application fee. * Take a photocopy after drafting (in case you need further).
Verify the amount of application in your state as it varies from state to state.

  • Send it by registered post 

One has to send it buy only registered post as no courier is accepted. Make sure you ask for an acknowledgment copy.